The Castlegate Prize


Mental health charities are very close to our hearts, and those supporting youth mental health in particular.  YoungMinds is a truly excellent charity working with young people throughout the UK suffering with mental health issues, or indeed those who live with and support them. We will forever be thrilled at the enthusiastic way YoungMinds greeted our idea for The Castlegate Prize, for not only will it directly benefit YoungMinds financially, we hope it will do a splendid job of spreading the word about such a wonderful charity and also the need to support those young people within our communities and families going through difficult times, some of which most of us can little imagine. 

Because of this, we chose “hope” as the word to inspire the art entries for the 2019/20 prize, be they painting or drawing. It’s up to each artist to take that inspiration in whatever manner they see fit, but it felt the most appropriate word for the inaugural Castlegate Prize.