The Castlegate Prize


You, the Artist!

Castlegate Prize is open to anyone living in, or studying in, the United Kingdom. 

You must be over the age of 16 to submit an entry.  There is no upper age limit.

You agree that the entire entry fee (less VAT if applicable), will be donated to YoungMinds (registered charity no. 02780643).

You agree to Castlegate House Gallery Ltd and its affiliates (the Gallery) , reproducing your image where necessary for programmes, press, PR, marketing etc across all mediums including digital, social media and print.

You accept that the judges’ decision is final

You must be truthful in that you own and produced the work you are submitting yourself, and that any reference to, or stark similarities of, another artists work must be shared with the organisers before you send your own piece of work.  You must obtain all licensing and/or copyright if you are basing, showing a likeness of or doing something in the style of, another artist.  Failure to do so could result in your entry being disqualified with no refund of the entry fee.

If your work is shortlisted, you take responsibility by way of insurance to ensure your artwork is fully insured and packaged whilst in transit to and from the Gallery.  The organisers are not responsible for any loss, damage or otherwise spoiled work whilst the artwork is in transit.  If your artwork is not sold by the Gallery, it is your responsibility to organise transport from us, back to you.

You accept that if shortlisted, your artwork must arrive at the Gallery no later than 24th August 2020 and will stay in the gallery on display throughout the entire exhibition. All works must be received in a ready-to-hang condition

Should you be shortlisted, you will not liaise with the press or post on social media nor speak with other entrants etc until the Gallery has announced all 30 shortlisted names.

You accept, that on entering the competition and submitting your donation fee that you agree with, and will adhere to, the terms mentioned here as specified by the organisers, Castlegate House Gallery Ltd

Your image

In the first instance, a minimum of two digital images of your artwork must be supplied at the application stage, one of the work itself and another of it in-situ (i.e. hung on a wall so that context and size may be appreciated).  Please ensure the image quality is a good as possible, otherwise it may be difficult to properly assess the work of art.

The image must not have been manipulated in any way.  Should you be shortlisted and the work supplied differs dramatically to the digital image, you may be disqualified.

Your image must not be watermarked or stamped.

Your Artwork

Your subject matter is HOPE.  You can construe this in whichever way you feel and we welcome short bio’s as to why you’ve submitted your work in relation to this theme.

Your artwork must be of a form determined to be largely painting, drawing or mixed-media work designed for wall display

Your artwork must be your own and it must not have been shortlisted for any other competition.

If shortlisted, the artwork supplied must be the same as that sent digitally. 

If shortlisted and installation is required, please send us clear instruction on how to do so if non-standard

Artwork must be no bigger than 180 x 180 cm 

You agree to the sale of your work through Castlegate House Gallery Ltd and agree with their commercial agreement on standard commercial terms of a commission of 50%


The Castlegate Prize is organised and run by Castlegate House Gallery Ltd, Cockermouth CA13 9HA

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